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Web Summit 2014 was really impressive, bigger and better than last year, and great fun. The who’s who of the tech world was all there, and we enjoyed presentations from Drew Houston (Dropbox), Brad Smith (Intuit) and Web Summit founder Paddy Cosgrave. Peter Thiel, Facebook’s first investor and the founder of PayPal, alsoRead More »

Datamolino has the power to process and extract all the data from paper invoices sent by suppliers, but encouraging suppliers to send PDF invoices instead, can speed up your workflow and increase office efficiency. PDF invoices are easier to ‘read’ so data validation happens faster. Quicker processing keeps you on top of the financial healthRead More »

Cloud accounting is another term for online accounting, and operates similarly to online banking services you may already use. Accounting processes for SMEs have usually required specialist software, installed onto the business’ own computers or servers with all the processing done from there. Over time the software requires upgrades, alongRead More »

Suffering from Paper Headaches? The frustration bought on by trying to manage all the invoices and receipts for your business’ accounting needs. When losing just one can mean the loss of a day’s work, or even worse, an audit. Datamolino is an awesome extraction tool for automating your invoice processing butRead More »

With Earth Day 2014 this week, we wanted the last word to be how we are saving the planet in our own way with datamolino. In our office we love trees and love to save paper. Electronic invoicing and receipt processing might seem like a really small way to saveRead More »

Thanks to Wayra Munich for recently hosting a sensational Demo Day! The event was supremely organized by Wayra Germany and ran really smoothly. Like our Prague experience, the academy had an atmosphere that was full of excitement and enthusiasm. The teams were of excellent quality (as expected) and we wereRead More »

Great article about our funding efforts and future plans on TechCrunch: Slovak Startup Datamolino Bags €500K To Make Accountants’ Lives Less Boring. Thanks to Natasha Lomas for writing this fine article.