5 Ways To Create Excellence In Your Startup

After the first day at the Shift Conference in Split yesterday, I wanted to share some words of wisdom I learnt from an impressive presentation by Marcus Segal. Marcus was most recently the COO of social game company Zynga, he spent six years there and was instrumental in its success. Currently he is an Entrepreneur in Residence at The Summit (Dublin) and has 15 years experience web technology. Marcus’ presentation was an inspiration for me, he spoke passionately about how to generate a culture of excellence within your startup, or any organisation for that matter. Here at Datamolino, excellence is something we strive for. From day one, we set out to do everything as well as it could be done – to focus on details, get the best advice, and be as professional as possible. For an organisation, excellence encourages success, and success brings reward. For the people within an organisation, excellence develops confidence and a pride in personal performance. It isn’t about perfection; it is about being the best you can, and then finding out how you can be better.

Here are Marcus’ tips on creating a culture of excellence, from the conference –

1. Set clear goals and priorities

2. Accountability and measurement tools

3. Staff to succeed – rigid stack ranking

4. Rewards for those who perform – short vs. long term projects

5. Celebrate successes, learn from failures

6. Live in the real world


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