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Eliminate paper work
and manual data entry!

So far I’m impressed. I’ve been surprised by the quickness and accuracy with which datamolino extracts datas. I was worrying because I have complicated pdf in foreign languages but results are beyond my expectations and Datamolino already saved me a lot of time. So far integration and transfer to Xero is fast and without any issues to report. Works with purchases and sales invoices, which was a requirement for me. Very easy to use.

Damien AstolfiAccounting firm owner

In my case I had to process all invoices since January 1st 2015. Manual input would have cost me a lot of time. Now it went in a breeze! Also the helpdesk of Datamolino is very swift and correct. They offered me quick and adequate support with a problem I encountered. All in all: if you’re looking for an impressive tool for digitizing your invoices that integrates fully with Xero, Datamolino is definitely top of the bill.

Wil PetersAccountant

I have been using datamolino to input purchase invoices into Xero for several months and it just keeps getting better and better with each upgrade. It has saved a lot of time as I no longer have to manually input the majority of invoices.

Jane MitchellBookkeeper

We have been using Datamolino for processing purchase invoices for a few months now. Once the software has a “fingerprint” for a particular supplier’s invoice, the data is processed really quickly. The software is easy to use and the support is great, too.

Michael HawesAccounting firm partner

This is a really helpful tool which improve your work. In the first 3 months of using Datamolino, we spent more time to setup a correct template for purchases invoices. Now we see a progress. Clients receive quicker results of our works. Thanks Datamolino, we can accept a new customers without the involvement of additional employees. Very good support. I highly recommend them.

Robert WrobelAccounting firm owner

Love this app! Its saved me so much time as i’m behind in my bookkeeping and it really helped the process. Manual is so 2014!

Mark PurvisBusiness owner

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Collect bills and receipts from clients in one place

Manage your client’s receipts and invoices from a single location. Collect documents from your clients in Datamolino or submit items on your client’s behalf. Connect to your cloud accounting solution or export data to your accounting system.

Eliminate manual data entry

Datamolino captures key information from bills, receipts and invoices. Without the pain of manual data entry,  you can spend your resources where it matters most: providing your clients with the best service.

Use with your accounting software

Register your account and be ready in 5 minutes! Datamolino works as an add-on to Xero and Sage One cloud accounting systems. There is no need for installing new software on your computer. You can also export invoice data into Excel or CSV formats without manual data entry.

Your invoice processing can be as easy as 1-2-3:

Submit bills and receipts
to Datamolino

We find important data
on your bills and receipts

Import data from bills
to your accounting software

Datamolino works great with your cloud accounting system:

Export to common file formats

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